About Wexford Trails

Wexford Trails is a county-wide network trails with over ninety members across the county, showcasing the best of what Wexford has to offer. Trails in the network include the Craft, Garden, Heritage, Walking  Trails.

Our members range from iconic attractions which feature on Ireland’s Ancient East, to the small, independently operated attractions and activities, each a valued contributor to the huge diversity of what Wexford has to offer.

Join us on your journey, exploring the very best culture, history, landscapes and craft our County has to offer.

Welcome to Wexford Trails!

Look out of the Wexford Trails branded signs and let us help guide you on your journey.

About Wexford Craft Trail

Wexford Craft Trail showcases the incredible craftsmanship that Wexford has to offer. From ceramics, textiles, woodturning and jewellery, our Trail is an endless treasure trove.

About Wexford Garden Trail

‘Unique and picturesque’ are just some of the words used to describe Wexford Garden Trail. From old gardens that have been lovingly restored and maintained to award winning garden centres – these attractions capture the very best Wexford has to offer.

‘ Some of the gardens are unique such as Woodville House in New Ross, the stunning Johnstown Castle gardens and of course the JFK Arboretum. There are gardens on this trail that people will certainly not have visited or may not have known of prior to the setting up of this trail and they are real hidden gems.’

Gerry Daly

Speaking at the Wexford Garden Trail Launch in 2012

About Wexford Heritage Trail

Wexford Heritage Trail offers a huge range of places to visit, from castles and Abbey’s to lighthouses and more… step back in time and immerse yourself in the story of our county.

“The trail is a diverse offering with surprises waiting around every turn from the mountains to the sea, mainland to islands, the trail will lead locals and visitors alike to castles and battlefields, churches and abbeys, historic towns and villages, great houses and gardens, windmills and forts to Ireland’s National Heritage Park and the National 1798 Rebellion Centre.”

Jacqui Hynes

Speaking at the Wexford Heritage Trail Launch in 2013

About Wexford Walking Trail

Wexford Walking Trail offers a variety of scenic walks throughout the County. From vast landscapes, forests, rivers and mountains, we have something to appeal to every walker!

‘..nowhere is the beauty of our county more obvious than in our walks…’

Cllr John Hegarty

Speaking at the Wexford Walking Trail Launch in 2017